Too long to revice a connection request

When add a folder and add a new device to syncthing, the remote device takes a long time to receive the request.

Can the connection established immediately when sycnthing has any action of add a folder or add a device?

The absence of device being available on one of the discovery servers is cached for I think 5minutes, hence the delay. This is done to reduce the strain on the infrastructure.

I pretty clear this is to reduce the pressure on the server, and it is very useful in synchronizing files, but used to add device or add a folder when a bit unreasonable.

I used own discover server and relay server, when add a folder in GUI , it takes 10 minutes to receive the request at remote device, this experience is very bad.

I hope syncthing have a quickly response when first add a device or first add a folder.

The prompt that pops up is just advisory, by design you are expected to add A on B and B on A, and not A on B, and wait for prompt to appear on B to add A.

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