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I am using simple file versioning and I changed a file a few minutes ago. I would like to restore a previous version that I made an hour ago, but I can’t set the filter to see today’s file changes. It is 2024.01.25 today and I can only filter till 2024.01.24.

I tried to set the filter to “all time” and “custom range” but I don’t see today in any of them.

Is it intended that file versions can’t display the current day’s file changes?

If the specific date isn’t available in the filter, this means that there are no file versions from that date. Where are you trying to restore the file exactly? I’m asking because I hope you’re aware that file versioning only works for files that have been modified on other devices.

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I created the file on my #1 pc and I’m currenly trying to restore it on this. It is shared but the file wasn’t edited on the other machine still. If I see it right, the file will display in the versioning when I edit it on my #2 pc.

Yes, that’s how it works. If you want to version files modified on either side, then you will need to enable versioning on both devices (or have a third device that is responsible for the versioning).

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Great, thank you for the fast and clear answer!

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