.tmp files are staying stagnant

My source and target are both on linux. There are several files that are not transferring. I thought maybe it could be an illegal character or possibly too long of a file name, but I reviewed the file names and some are less than 15 characters and have not seen illegal characters. There are 15 plus .tmp files that have not been touched for several days. 1 week to be exact, also, the target says it is 20 gb out of sync, but it is not downloading anything. I also let this sit for a week. However, if i remove a good file from the target, it will redownload it, but still stay stuck on the other files. I am not seeing any error messages inside of the GUI either.

I also just installed syncthing on another linux device, and copied one of the folders that is not copying over into it, and it is syncing down. I am not sure if that helps or not.

The error messages are shown in the failed items modal and the console. Not all tmp files are syncthing’s, only the ones which have a prefix as well as a suffix. Providing screenshots from both sides would help.

I just did a mass rename of all items in the that directory, so we will see if they sync now. I will wait until the end to confirm, but it looks like there are some issues creating a folder on the target. It will create the file, but on the source it is like folder1>file.ext and it is just creating file.ext in the root sync directory. I will see if creates the folder at the end of the sync.

Ok, that seemed to clear up some of the issues, however, now the source and target are not in sync. The target is about 30gb, off from what the source has. Out of Sync is showing 55 ish gb out of sync, which is incorrect. I compared the sizes between the two directories, and they are about 30 gb off. However, I went ahead and clicked override. But, the target is still not downloading. The target says that it is downloading. I went ahead and restarted both the source and the target services. It is downloading again, but I will let you know if it stops.

Out of sync could mean metadata out of sync, which counts towards the size. If it fails/stops, it starts listing the failed items together with the reason why it failed.

How do I resolve that, it stopped syncing again.

Click on the failed items list, and rectify the errors.

There are no failed items. Nothing is showing up as failed.

Can you provide screenshots from both sides

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