Timeout and reconnections


I have to increase the timeout to reduce reconnections .I have seen in the configuration file two parameters, pingTimeoutS and pingIdleTimeS .

If I change these parameters , I have not seen increases in waiting time. The tests we have done :

You can set to be longer than 2 hours ? you could give an example of settings ?


You just increase it, there is no limit.

The fact that it doesn’t work implies that there is something terribly wrong with your machine to start with, if it fails to reply to a single packet in 2 hours, which might mean that the OS kills the connection which is outside of syncthings control.

You can try modifying setTCPOptions function and making a custom build.

I work with 3 nodes in an isolated network with Syncthing installed.

I tried this same setup in various environments and supports timeout , but does not reach more than 25 minutes.

I’m working with machines that only have syncthing installed. More ideas?

I think the waiting time does not work correctly with high wait times.