Thousand of INFO messages in console

For one R/O repo when is disconnected I get thousand of this messages: "[CXLQB] 12:51:19 INFO: Changes to “/home/susan/***” are no longer suppressed. [CXLQB] 12:55:19 INFO: Changes to “/home/susan/***” are being temporarily suppressed because it changes too frequently." One for any file of repo! Is it ok or not?

It’s weird, at least. Is this a FAT filesystem? Could possibly be due to it failing to set some attributes… No other errors?

Nearly! :slight_smile: Ext3 on PC where the messages appears (read only repo), NTFS on NAS where should copy/sync! But messages appears also (or only, now can’t remember) when NAS is disconnected. No errors, only INFO! When connected Syncthing works well! Update: messages go on also when repository are connected. Till now have not seen anything of interesting in the log of other node (RW). Sync seems good!