Theres any place where i can take the new folder noticfications?

I have 500 folders now, web UI is pretty unusable. is a lot easier to edit and use the config file. The problem is AFAIK there’s no another method to get new folder notifications and accept it. There´s any other file saving that information?

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Use the event API, which is what the GUI does.

Alternatively, as I guess you are not just doing this privately in your close-knit circle of friends, I have a thing for you.

Thanks for the offer. I will evaluate. The only thing i don’t have resolved is adding new folders. All the other stuff was solved with a delphi app and the api. If i can find the way will contact you.

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Yeah, for me WebUI doesn’t scale that good as well: with ~50 folders and ~30 devices, changing folder/device parameters is really painful, and sometimes the changes don’t make their way into config.

If you’re already setting stuff up using the config file - you can also add folders this way too. Assuming you know the “incoming” folder’s parameters in advance - you can make a new entry in the config file yourself and fill in the appropriate parameters.

I did it on a couple of VMs just fine.

The problem is i don’t know the incoming folder params until it arrived. I already have working some status info using the api. Will try to implement event and register management, as modify parameters using the api. Tell you later how it goes.

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