The windows10 bitlocker will automanticly run when I start sync

…automanticly lock my drvie.

My OS is windows10 1909,and my hardware is AMD R5 3600,16G RAM,480G SSD+4T HDD ,RTX2060.Synctrayzer version :1.1.24,syncthing version:1.3.4,it is the About message.

The problem is when I start sysnc,ablut 3~5 minitus later,the bitlocker will lock my harddrive automanticly,I had to input the password to unlock it,it is very annoyance.Help!!!

This sounds more like a Windows or hardware related issue, e.g. a driver problem or unstable connection with the drive under heavy I/O load, rather than something related to Syncthing or BitLocker.

It seems as if Windows loses and re-establishes connection with the drive, hence the need to re-enter the BitLocker password. What kind of hard drive is it? Is it external or internal?

I have bitlocker on my USB drives and never have an issue, set the bitlocker options to automatically unlock the drive. If you don’t and there is a controller issue on the USB drive, that could cause the drive to lock.

If thats already enabled, maybe there’s an issue with the TPM? use a password instead

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