The Slave is not an exact mirror of the Master

I had issues with UTF-8/Unicode filenames with cygwin + rsync (and the UTF-8 patch, etc). I’ve since removed a few hundred gigabytes from my Master, so the Slave has way more files atm that need purging. Anyways, I am now trying Syncthing. I want the Slave E: to be an exact mirror of Master D:. However, this is not happening. I was under the impression that Syncthing with default folder settings would function like rsync --delete. The master has 18442 items, I expect the Slave to have 18442 items but the slave still has 27110 items (that number isn’t getting smaller) and the “Global State” number on the Master is growing! Can someone explain why the Slave isn’t purging itself of the files that no longer exist on the Master. And, why the Slave isn’t a mirror of the Master? Thanks

My setup is basically defaults. The Master is on Windows 10. Slave is on Windows Server 2012. I have full admin access on both boxes and hard drives. Master Folder Path D:
Global State 18442 items, ~365 GiB Local State 18442 items, ~365 GiB

Slave Folder Path E:
Global State 18442 items, ~365 GiB Local State 27110 items, ~465 GiB Out of Sync Items 17767 items, ~178 GiB

There is no slave in Syncthing. Master doesn’t mean “Everyone else should be exactly like me!”. It means “I don’t care what other have or do, I won’t accept any changes from others.”.

Check if the master has an “Override Changes” button for that folder and click it. If that doesn’t solve it (or there is no such button), you should use robocopy SOURCE DEST /MIR, which is like a not so powerful alternative of rsync for Windows, for the initial sync. From then on, Syncthing should be able to handle it. Although you will have to click the override changes button to undo any changes made in the Server.

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