The program cannot open the browser

I modified the listening address of the GUI, and then I can’t enter the browser through the software

The software cannot open the browser

Is there any solution?

Is there any error or something? What address did you change it to?

I don’t know what happened

I don’t know why the browser cannot be opened automatically after the program is loaded. I cannot see the graphical interface.

The ip address I used is It shouldn’t matter

Maybe the connection between the program and the browser is wrong.

I don’t know how the software works

I tried deleting the software folder and downloading again But running the program still cannot open the browser

Is there any way to uninstall this program and reinstall it completely?

Address is this

I think it has nothing to do with the address

Did you check the logs?

If you set the ip address that does not belong to your machine, trying to start the UI will fail.

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config.xml Use this file I changed the address back to Restarting the program successfully opened the browser

Is this file a log? I don’t have much computer knowledge so I don’t understand Just enjoy the effect brought by the computer Of course now slowly start to understand

thank you reply it help me

Syncthing when you start it usually opens a window that shows the log. So it all depends how you are running it.

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