The column named 100% in the stats, what it mean?

It is wonderfull to watch the stats page: But I don’t understand why the 100% column is not the sum of the 5% column with the 95% column… what I am missing interpreting it?

Use the search feature of the forum, it has been answered atleast twice.

Thanks! someone could give me a link? Because I can’t figure how to find it, I was searching using these 2 queries:

  • 100%
  • stats

Actually its not trivial to find, but its called percentiles.

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Now it is clear, thanks! I would suggest to show all the 100 percentiles, insteasd of just 4 of them.

100 columns?

Yes! Trough one or multiple graphs it would look something like these:

Or a search form to query the database of the stats to show more detailed infos for who would like to know them…

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Each of those is an awful lot bigger than the space that each stat currently takes up…

No one oblige syncthing to show all the stats in one page only too…

Yeah, but having a nice set of rows with stats in makes things somewhat easier to read.

I’m not sure that showing all percentiles adds any value at all. 5, 50, 95 gives you the range and median. How the values are distributed within those doesn’t really add much, as far as figuring out what sorts of uses people put Syncthing to is concerned.

I could imagine a little thumbnail of a graph on each row which could be expanded as being fairly user-friends, but I’m not at all sure it’s worth the effort…

Or what about to share the shared data of the stats? So the nwho need it can download it and query it by itself then?


Opensouce, openstats :slight_smile:

One doesn’t necessarily follow from the other.

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The way it is now provides some formof annonimity.

Also, the stats are already open enough. Unless you have an exact question which you are after, I can only consider you suspicious.