The addition of QUIC is a big deal, how about a catchy Release Name?

I’m delighted that Syncthing will outgrow the need to use almost all Relay servers. That makes it really awesome, IMHO.

I’ve heard it argued by Lunduke that the release name “Beefy Miracle” was the best release name the Open Source community ever came up with.

How about “Porcine Miracle”, for this latest version of Syncthing, with QUIC support? :smiley:

Or maybe other forum users can suggest an even better Release name…

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There is a strict release naming policy, it has to be a metal and an insect starting with the same letter.

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Do we do release names on minor (y in vx.y.z) releases, i.e. did we change the release name from 1.0 to 1.1?

I think we don’t have for patch versions, but we should have for minors, given we used to before 1.0?

The meaning and frequency of minor bumps has changed since before 1.0: Before it meant an incompatibility, now it’s any change to API/config, as long as it’s not breaking. However it’s not like we have to consider any of this, if we deem it fun to change the code name often :slight_smile:

I’m voting this reply as my Favourite Audrius Quote of 2019.

It’s not a joke:

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How about “Gallium Grasshopper”?

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Ask and ye shall receive.

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Should we force enable large blocks everywhere to celebrate?

Might as well.


It’s too bad we weren’t already at G or we could have been the Golden Gnat, pronounced Golden NAT.

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Agreed, even though I just wrote the notification to ask users to enable it xD

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Strictly speaking though, if the naming convention is a metal and an insect, it would have to be Gold GNAT, wouldn’t it?