Testing syncthing-android 1.18.6-rc...

Syncthing-android 1.18.6-rc.1.2 has just been accepted to google play as a beta release. In this release API level 30 is targeted, which brings changes to how the filesystem access works. One notable positive change is that SD card access is finally available on Android >= 11. Some not so nice changes (files being hidden) required a database reset on upgrade. There’s a wizard page on upgrade explaining that.

Please test the current beta release and report your experiences with it here.

Also please contribute translations for the information displayed on upgrade, such that we have as many as possible when on the stable release: syncthing-android localization

Thanks in advance


Thanks for all the work!

Is there any chance for an APK file and/or an F-Droid release? I’d test, but I don’t use Google Play, unless there’s a way to download the app without logging in, but I cannot find anything related to the beta release, only the stable one.

The build server has apks, and the latest release build looks like it may be the same version.


You can get the actual release apk here: https://build.syncthing.net/buildConfiguration/Release_ReleaseSyncthingAndroidSigned/114339?buildTab=artifacts&guest=1
The build failed when uploading the apk, as google play requireda manual upload to go through some permission process. The build itself was ok, but the checksums weren’t generated.

F-Droid has no concept of betas/release candidates as far as I am aware, so not release there unfortunately.

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I think they do, but I’m not sure how it works exactly. It seems to be based on the version tag or something.

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