Syslog Delete Messages Endlessly Repeating


I have a Master (send only) Folder that is being deleted however the remote folder is not being subsequently delete even although both folders are in sync, instead I been getting these messages endlessly repeated in the syslog…

Jan 11 21:37:32 ubuntu syncthing[19617]: [2AIRP] INFO: Puller (folder “rm3ic-trrs”, dir “xxx”): delete: remove /mnt/syncthing/finished/yyy/xxx: directory not empty Jan 11 21:37:33 ubuntu syncthing[19617]: message repeated 10 times: [ [2AIRP] INFO: Puller (folder “rm3ic-trrs”, dir “xxxx”): delete: remove /mnt/syncthing/finished/yyy/xxx] Jan 11 21:37:33 ubuntu syncthing[19617]: [2AIRP] INFO: Folder “rm3ic-trrs” isn’t making progress. Pausing puller for 1m0s.

I suspect the issue is due to a .ignore file thus is why syncthing is not deleting the directory instead it endlessly tries to…

Clearly I can ignore the delete via advanced settings which is not ideal as I will now need to manually delete the directory instead can we add a new advanced flag force delete directory?


You can use the (?d) prefix for ignores which should be deleted if they prevent the deletion of their parent dir as described in the docs.


Ahhh missed that one in the doc’s I will give it a go… Thanks