Synology beta community pgk update frequency

The install of the community beta package is very useful - you do not have to compile the arm version through ssh any more. I notice 0.11.x is released - just wondering what frequency the package in synology will get updates for compared to the other releases, as it still seems to be 0.10.x at the moment.

other than that, on the Synology I have had only a few issues thus far:

  • One box I had to restart completely to access the gui in browser
  • both boxes had most data copied/replicated (previous btsync trial which was horrible) and it’s taking a LONG time to scan 1.7TB across 9 folders
  • seems to be disconnected in browser a lot
  • ~sizes don’t seem very accurate sometimes.

Apart from that… SO MUCH smoother and more reliable so far than btsync which was appallingly bad for me, corrupting db and folders constantly and needing micro management and re-adding. I hope ST doesn’t do this.

And as for CloudSync on Synology, it generated 4TB of extra data in 5 days and filled the NAS for no reason. Terrible product, the only bad thing I have found on Synology.

Keep up the great work - if this syncs up fully in the next few days I will offsite one NAS and test that way. Impressed so far.

Welcome Chris. I also have a Syno DiskStation with Syncthing installed. My box is memory constrained (RAM is 512MB). As long as I avoid huge file syncing, everything works pretty reliably.

Syncthing for the Synology NAS is compiled and maintained by “Synocommunity”, which is a 3rd party. And they host the package on their own servers.

There is a slight problem at the moment. The most recent version available at Synocommunity is v.0.10-30-3 which contains a bug - the version update function is missing. You can’t move up to the 0.11.x version.

I already posted this on the Synocommunity forums, but the last time I checked, no one had acknowledged. If you are version locked at 0.10.x - I suggest you holler over there. Here is a link:

Thanks! I will pop a mention over.

It’s not outside the realms of possibility to manually upgrade but if its in package form I’d rather have it work through the Synology interface.

Some files are quite large on mine, in excess of 1GB, but it is slowly ticking along - been 3-4 days now and must be about 1/2 scanned. I’m assuming this is only the initial journalling scan that takes so long!

Yeah. The initial scan is quite CPU intensive and can take quite a while on low powered devices.

Good news. Synocommunity has released version 0.11.15-4 on their packages repository. This should fix issues with version upgrades that Syno users were previously experiencing.

After installing 0.11.15-4, Syno NAS users should be able to execute Syncthing upgrades using the WebGUI “Upgrade button”.

Do you know if this version still has issues with deleting directories?

I didn’t know that was a problem. Never experienced it myself.

Here’s a link to the Synocommunity / Syncthing discussion on github - perhaps they would know more about this issue: