Synctrayzor tool to help you resolve file conflicts.

(Samuel Bruyère) #1

Hi, Is there is a way to disabled the build in tool to help you resolve file conflicts.

Tks. Sam

(Antony Male) #2

No. What problem are you trying to solve?

(Samuel Bruyère) #3

Searching for cpu “excessive” usage. (more than 3To on 50 devices)

(Antony Male) #4

Which process is showing the high CPU usage?

(Samuel Bruyère) #5


I have sometimes this message :slight_smile:2019-04-29 10:29:36: Decoding posted config: read tcp> i/o timeout

I/O or hard drive is full ?

Regards Sam

(Audrius Butkevicius) #6

Slow machine most likely

(Samuel Bruyère) #7

OK, thanks @all :slight_smile:

(Antony Male) #8

Right, so high cpu usage in Syncthing has nothing to do with anything in SyncTrayzor, especially not the conflict file resolution stuff.