SyncTrayzor fails to connect most of the time

I have syncthing running on a remote VPS, with port 22000 open, syncing with my laptop (Ubuntu Linux). I’ve now tried to add my wife’s Windows 10 laptop using SyncTrayzor to sync with the VPS.

This is not a 3-way sync - the Win10 laptop sync’s a separate folder between itself and the VPS.

The problem I’m having is that most of the time SyncTrayzor/Syncthing doesn’t seem to actually try properly to connect to the VPS and it stays in status ‘Disconnected’. About 1 out of every 3 or 4 times I start SyncTrayzor it actually tries to connect and is successful. Sometimes SyncTrayzor tries to connect through a relay, and is unsuccessful, but most of the time there is no attempt (as far as I can see in the SyncTrayzor console) to connect.

I’ve tried disabling UPnp, relays and global discovery, but none of these settings changes seems to change the behaviour. Any ideas?

Nothing to do with SyncTrayzor. How long do you leave Syncthing to connect? We’ll have to see some logs in order to make any progress.

In the end I deleted the Synctrayzor/Syncthing config on her laptop (by deleting AppData\Local\{Synctrazor,Syncthing}). I then set up everything on the Synctrayzor side again and so far so good.

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