SyncTrayzor blank GUI

Hi there! So I will admit, I’m very much a noob so I’m hoping you’ll indulge any questions that seem stupid.

I’m using SyncTrazor to connect two windows machines. When I installed SyncTrayzor on the first machine it went down without a hitch.

When I tried on the second machine I ran into issues.

Usually the GUI is blank. Sometimes it shows up and is super laggy and slow

What I’ve Tried: I’ve tried refresh and restarting the app I’ve tried to switch graphics settings on the 2nd machine to high performance

The second machine is a newer version of the 1st machine. But the first machine does have a dedicated graphics card

The second machine is working with Intel’s new Iris Xe graphics

The web GUI does seem to work though.

So, what information do you need from me?

Thanks in advance, Shril

Are you using the newest version of SyncTrayzor? Also, what version of Windows is it? I assume that you have all the graphics drivers installed, right? If not, then you may want to head off to the Intel’s website, and download and install the proper package manually. The drivers that are built in into Windows are often outdated and may have problems with newer cards (experienced first hand with Ryzen G).

You may want to try disabling hardware acceleration in SyncTrayzor’s settings. If it does make a difference, then this would mean that it is a graphics-related issue.

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