SyncthingLite and large blocks


Can St lite handle large blocks? If not, I’d suggest we retire it temporarily until a new maintainer is ready to take the challenge. Recently I saw it has ca. 300 installations on gplay which is almost stalled.

What do the others think?

Kind regards Catfriend1

@l-jonas Are you still with us?

@Catfriend1 Not really.

The biggest block size is 16 MB ( which should work (whole block must fit into the RAM).

Thank you @l-jonas :slight_smile: So I guess the app has other problems maintaining a reliable connection for some users atm. I need to use it more myself it’s really cool maybe one day I can also offer help there.

Well, there is a timeout of 60 seconds per block ( A bad connection with big blocks could cause problems due to that. Or the connection handling does not like that a big block blocks the connection too long when the connection is slow.

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