SyncthingFUSE first release candidate

Just wow…


Linux is insulted most of the time.

The tools of Windows are great as well as those of Linux or Mac. We use the best tools we need to do the job we have. If you need a wrench to do a job, you can’t be so suborn to use a screwdriver and damn the wrench. All operating systems have their pros and cons. This FUSE work, today, is used within Linux. Possibly, without condemnation, it may be refined someday to also be utilized within Windows.

Thank you for your work, Matt!

Another Stupid Question: Why not using Placeholder Files?

AFAIK BTSync/Resilio is using this Approach. Short: It creates Placeholder files like originalname.bts The .bts files are linked to the Main Programm. So if a user double clicks this files, it opens a small helper App which tells the Sync Daemon to fetch/download the real File

This approach would be more simple to adopt to all Plattforms i think. Of course the FUSE is more elegant and allows direct reading of the files :slight_smile:

BR, Frank

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