Syncthing without an always-on machine


First of, I’d like to thank you for this amazing piece of software. I’m considering using syncthing but I’m not sure about my setup just yet.

I don’t have an always-on machine, I have a laptop, a desktop and a smartphone. The smartphone is the only one that is pretty much always on.

I think it would be good to use all the 3 (laptop, smartphone and desktop), since with 3 computers I should be able to, between them, have 1 always on and so the loss of data is improbable.

Now, the problem is that I do not trust my smartphone with my sensitive data (which I’ll be syncing). Is there a way to encrypt to the smartphone? The folder I wish to sync is smaller than 5gb.

My data is very important to me (thesis and so on), I’m not sure if I’m comfortable in only using syncthing on my laptop and desktop. I think a third computer is needed, right?

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Syncthing itself has no “encrypted node” feature. So you will have to use another way to encrypt the data thats gets to your phone.

If you don’t need / want to access the data on the phone, just use it as a “store and forward” device between desktop and laptop, you could use something like veracrypt to encrypt the data and sync only the container file.

Another way would be to use the Android encryption, which will encrypt everything on the phone.

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