Syncthing with Dropbox Sync Possible?

Hi All,

I’m looking at adding Syncthing to an existing Dropbox setup for a kind of Hybrid setup.

There is a few reason for needing this as follows:

  • We have muliptul devices (Windows, Android, IOS, NAS)
  • Android and iOS don’t have enough space to ‘sync’ all files locally but we need access to links and ability to load/view/download files as needed
  • NAS box needs to keep an updated copy of all files for multiple users to read and updated files.

To keep things simple lets use the following Example:

  • 5x Windows PC’s (currently syncing via Dropbox)
  • 5x Android Tablets/phones (currently syncing via Dropbox)
  • 1x iOS devices (currently syncing via Dropbox)
  • 1x NAS (Not syncted but we need a network accessible copy of all data and is why Syncthing is the idea as well as ultimately trying to find away to get data way from public cloud)

I’ve tried to set this up already but have run into issues of files being deleted/removed (most concerning) and conflicts created. I believe the issue is perhaps when Dropbox is syncing a folder and Syncthing is syncing/scanning…

What I can’t work out is why files are being removed and if it’s Dropbox or Syncthing deleting the files… I’ve found if we rename files there is a high chance of them being lost/removed from all locations.

Can any one think of a better setup or way we can either remove dropbox all together (I don’t believe it’s possible as many devices don’t have enough storage to ‘sync’ all the data but we need access to all files when/if needed which is were dropbox is rather good).

Thanks very much in advanced for your time taken and any suggestions you may have!

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