Syncthing Windows Setup v1.19.0

Syncthing Windows Setup is a lightweight yet full-featured Windows installer.

Documentation and download:

(Special thanks to the Syncthing maintainers for adding the --skip-port-probing option in 1.19.0 which simplifies the initial configuration for new installs.)

Summary of installer features:

  • Installs the appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit version of Syncthing using a single installer

  • Supports administrative (all users) and non administrative (current user) installation

  • When installing for all users, installs Syncthing as a Windows service using NSSM

  • When installing for the current user, supports creating a scheduled task that starts Syncthing at logon

  • Supports adding a Windows Firewall rule

  • Supports silent (hands-free) installation

Problems when using this installer? Please file an issue on the issues page.



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