Syncthing Windows Service not synching

I have installed SyncTrayRazor on my 2012 Server and want to synch a folder to two other servers. I have connected all the devices and everything synchs fine while i am logged in. But when i sign out and try to place files in the share folders it never synchs. Is there something i missed in the setup ? Any help is appreciated

Also i forgot to mention I do have the service installed with NSSM and it is running currently.

What’s your setup exactly? As far as I know running Syncthing through SyncTrayzor (I guess that’s what you mean by SyncTrayRazor :wink: ). and NSSM are mutually exclusive. The former runs under the user at user login, the latter works at system startup and under some special system account (NSSM is speculation, don’t know much about it except what I reviewed in docs).

I have 3 server in total that have synctrayrazor installed. On each one i have the service running under a dedicated service account. I used this document to configure the service. But i need to have this running when a user isn’t logged in since the end-user just drops files in the share. When i am logged in and the tray icon is running everything syncs perfectly. It is only when i have signed out that nothing syncs. This is where i though the service would help but no dice. Also when i logged into the server with the account that the service is running under there weren’t any connections setup in the GUI. Should i set everything up under this account ?

Sounds like you have Syncthing starting both through the NSSM service and SyncTrayzor (please use the correct names, not just for acknowledgment, but because it gets confusing what you actually mean otherwise). Firstly: Do you really need an NSSM service with the stated implications ( Using task scheduler might be a better option:

Then by default SyncTrayzor starts its own Syncthing instance. Somewhere in the settings you’ll have to disable that behaviour and point it at the api of the already running service instead.

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