Syncthing vs CIFS speeds on FreeNAS

Hi guys and gals,

I’ve got Syncthing running on my FreeNAS server and have been doing some testing. Transferring directly using CIFS, I’m easily able to get 100+ MB/s speeds. The best I’ve seen with Syncthing is around 35 MB/s. Is this just a side effect of having to run Syncthing in a jail on the FreeNAS box and splitting resources up, or is something else holding it back? It’d be nice to fully take advantage of my gigabit networking.

Thanks, Nathan

Apples and oranges. These three FAQ entries discuss the relevant background.


Thanks! So basically for a 1 PC to 1 PC file transfer there’s a lot more overhead than a simple drag and drop. (Encryption etc.) But it pays off as more devices are added and it can pull from multiple sources.


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