Syncthing v1.3.2



  • #5810: GUI theme not changing on WebKit-based/like browsers
  • #5968: Folder “Up To Date” but has pending “Revert Local Changes”
  • #5980: (De)select all not working in add device dialog
  • #6027: Folder shows as “Syncing” when there is no data transfer
  • #6043: Cannot exit after failed startup
  • #6081: QUIC accept error loops too quickly, causing excessive log output
  • #6090: Pull-scan loop due to symlink traversal
  • #6093: cmd/stdiscosrv: Data race in replication
  • #6136: API + UI device last seen is empty/Never
  • #6160: Uses too much RAM when syncing large files (1.3.0+)


  • #6036: Generate HTTPS certificates accepted by iOS 13 / macOS Catalina
  • #6056: Improve sharing tab when there are no devices to share with
  • #6115: Change Web UI based on prefers-color-scheme

Thanks for the release :-).

I failed to build on go 1.13.4, windows amd64 with the following error after checking out v1.3.2.

go mod download
go run build.go
cmd\stupgrades\main.go:24:10: undefined: upgrade.FetchLatestReleases
cmd\stupgrades\main.go:30:12: undefined: upgrade.SortByRelease
exit status 2
exit status 1

Any hint what I am doing wrong?

See (basically you can’t build certain targets with -no-upgrades).

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It’s always heartening to see the effort that goes into fixing corner cases, performance bugs and other under-the-hood issues. It may not seem as exciting to some folk, but as far as I’m concerned, stability and efficiency are very important. Thanks again to you all :- )


Just a heads-up (dunno if it’s just my build or not) but on a Xubuntu 18.04 server I had to manually upgrade linux-headers-generic-hwe-18.04 (–fix-missing, etc didn’t wanna do it properly. I’m using stock sources and repos.)

Thought I’d check in for anyone else experiencing the issue. Before running the syncthing update, just do a sudo apt-get upgrade linux-headers-generic-hwe-18.04 and you’re golden.

Syncthing is not dependant on the kernel headers, so perhaps the version packaged by your distribution is built in an unusual way.

Sounds reasonable! But it shouldn’t be the case.

It was the standard, stock download of Xubuntu 18.04 from the main site. The system was set up less than a month ago, and the only thing I installed on it was syncthing. Well, and SSH, and x11vnc.

At any rate, I figured that if anyone else ran into it, the solution was simple, and now they’ve got a suggestion for fixing it. :slight_smile:

The more important question is how you got syncthing. If you downloaded from github then yeah, if via standard package management tools, then it’s not packaged by us and all bets are off.

Ah! Of course. I wasn’t thinking. I got the original from github, but I was upgrading with “sudo apt-get upgrade syncthing” come to think of it.

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