Syncthing v1.23.4-29 | Synology SPK DSM 7.1.1

I have a Synology DS415+ with DSM 7.1.1 and already have a SynoCommunity SPK installed there for the matching platform Avoton. On the DS is Syncthing on the latest v1.23.6. I was now offered an SPK update and I wanted to do the update, as every time. It is also downloaded and installed and appears at first glance everything is fine, but the installation is apparently not completed, because shortly after the update is offered again.

In the INFO the correct one is already stored


package="syncthing version=“1.23.4-29”

No ideas?

Sorry, I don’t have an idea what’s going wrong there. Maybe try contacting SynoCommunity on their Discord channel?

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