Syncthing v1.12.0


This release adds a new config REST API.


  • #5360: Dangling symlink prevents filesystem watcher on FreeBSD
  • #6664: Panic due to internal folder context used on exported methods
  • #7063: panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
  • #7077: GUI stuck with “id is not defined” error when trying to ignore non-existent folder
  • #7098: File deletions are not being synced in newly shared folders


  • #6540: Config PATCH/PUT/DELETE API
  • #7099: Add a html message to GUI when javascript is disabled
  • #7108: Certificate for relaysrv with better naming

I’m a little confused about version 1.12.0 and support for untrusted (encrypted) devices. The feature still requires “Advanced Configuration” and manually setting the Feature Flag.

Safe to assume that untrusted devices is still in test mode, and is not recommended for production meshes? Thx.

Correct, it is not usable in production - that’s why it is not in the release notes. For very early, non-production testing check out Early Testing for Untrusted (Encrypted) Devices.


As always, it’s great to see a new release, and with some exciting upcoming features :slight_smile:

A note about android release:

As of today,the playstore is still serving v1.10, even though syncthing-android was updated to v1.11.1 a month ago (and is available on F-Droid). So unless it’s some supre-slow rollout by the playstore, it seems like the previous release has never made it there…

Google play blocked our releases due to policy issues. I am working that out at the moment and expect to be releasing again in time for the next release cycle (i.e. v1.12.1/v1.13.0).


Thanks for the info :+1:

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