Syncthing using mobile data plan though set to use wifi only

Data usage for the past month on Android Settings shows Syncthing using over 300MB of mobile data, though Android Syncthing client shows “Sync only on wifi” checked (but greyed out).

You have to disable the “Always run in background” setting so “Sync only on Wifi” takes effect.

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Don’t you have to enable the “Always run in background” setting?

@cattledogit: If that setting is disabled, the app runs when you start it until you close it, no matter the current connection.

Exactly. If the settings are unclear, I’m open for suggestions to improve them :wink:

You could indent the settings which are dependent on the “Always run in background” setting, to make it a little bit more clear.

As the description of the setting already states “according to the following settings” and the settings are greyed out, it should be clear enough thought.

Some people just don’t realize, that greyed out settings don’t take effect, regardless if they are checked or not. But that’s how it is in other software, too.

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I’m not sure about indenting, I don’t think any app uses that pattern. Maybe we could remove those settings instead of disabling them, or move them into a dialog or new settings screen.

But in my opinion, disabling them should be sufficient.

The value of a greyed-out setting is indicative though. If a setting is checked but greyed-out, I would interpret that as “Enabled, but you can’t disable it for some reason”.

I’ve always interpreted greyed-out as “you can’t change this”, not “it has no effect” – greyed out tick meaning “this is forced on” and greyed out empty meaning “this is forced off”. If the option actually does nothing, could it be hidden? Ticked and greyed out seems to be ambiguous at best (“no effect” vs “forced on”)

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Okay, so we could uncheck the items if “Always run in Background” is unchecked.

How about that?

I’d go with this, or possibly hiding it altogether (although this hides the fact that it’s available in some circumstances, which might not be what we want…)

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