Syncthing using a "server"

I am currently syncing folders from my Mac desktop to my Mac laptop, but the laptop is frequently shut down and, alhtough it is usually on, the desktop often sleeps which apparently takes Synching offline. I have another Mac desktop which is used as Plex server and is always on (and never sleeps) - I will call it the “serrver”. From what I read adding the serving can be done by either (1) adding it as device on both the desktop and laptop and then adding it to the shared folders or (2) having the desktop send and receive the folders with the server and the sever send and receive the folders with the laptop. It would seem like the first option would be better if the server was ever off (or offline), but it would also seem to be more likely to result in file conflicts. Which option is better?


Connect them all and you are more protected from miscellaneous problems. Only of you have a large number of devices and you feel it becomes a burden to administrate do I see a need to not connect all-to-all.

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Thank you!

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