Syncthing User Rights Raspberry

Hello, I use MotionEyes to make pictures on Raspberry PI3. Motion created its directories (/Motion/2017-xx …) by setting root: root. How can Syncthing happen to delete files in these directories (I have message “permission denied”)? When I do “sudo chown pi: pi Motion -R” , Syncthing happens to erase. Syncthing operates in service mode.

(Sorry for my English)

Run Syncthing as the same user that owns the files.

I did: sudo systemctl stop syncthing@pi.service sudo systemctl disable syncthing@pi.service

sudo systemctl enable syncthing@root.service sudo systemctl start syncthing@root.service

sudo reboot

Where is the config file with the root user ? Not found with “find / -name config.xml”

Finally, I handed syncthing to syncthing@pi.service and, i changed the MotionEye user. I now launch it with “pi”.

Thank you Audrius.

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