Syncthing upgraded, sitting at "Loading" box with spinner

It was an auto update via play to the current hosted version. It just sits there with the spinner. I cannot stop it either unless I go into settings -> apps -> running and kill it.

Running Android 5.0.

Any ideas?

Ok, I resolved the issue. Basically cleared app data and cache and recreated the folders. Similar to a reinstall. Because it generated new keys on startup, I had to add it as a new device everywhere. At least everything is working just fine now.

I have the same problem. Deleted the App-Data and the cache. Not it’s telling me that it isn’t able to generate Keys. I should look into the logs. Where are the log-files stored (hopefully without needing root)? I can’t open the app.

Thanks in advance! Thomas131

Edit: I moved the app to the internal storage which seemed to solve the problem …