SyncThing to move files

I have a usecase and I wonder if it’s possible to implement it in SyncThing.

In my family I often want to send files to other family members, e.g. a recorded movie of my children. I could make a synced directory which everybody has, and place the files there. However, this requires everybody to have enough disk space for all files. I could make my directory the repository master, but then I am unable to delete files there, so all files are twice on my pc (once in the repository master, and once in my own archive of files). On Windows, it’s not so easy to make hard links to files, so this cost me disk space.

Typically I now email the files (if they are small) or use a service like yousendit, but that’s a lot of work, as I would like to encrypt all transfers as I’m paranoid.

What I’d like to have is: I can place files in a certain repository. They are then transfered to other users that have this repository, and once all subscribers have the file, it’s removed from my repository.

A close alternative is to implement repository settings, which describe which synchronization options are performed. On my “master” copy, all “added” or “changed” operations are synced, but “deletes” are not synced. On the subscribers repository, nothing is transfered to me. I then only have to manually delete files which are synchronized.