Syncthing to delete local file, keep on "server"


I have a main server, with 3 devices being shared to it, all using a common folder. Now, one of these devices is my android phone, with limited capacity on the SD card.

Is there a way to show the file on my android device without actually downloading it? Kind of like one drive “always keep on this device” & “free up space”.


Thats not really what syncthing does. It makes two locations look identical.

Sounds like you want some sort of transfer solution.

You can probably experiment with different folder types, but the experience will be subpar and things will always look out of sync (because you’ll be missing content).

You basically need, but it’s not maintained anymore. There’ve been reports on the forum that the app was still functional though, so you may want to give it a shot and see if it works and fits your needs.

Otherwise, you can simply utilise ignore patterns for this. Ignore everything with * first, unignore the files you need, let Syncthing download them, make use of them, then ignore and delete once not needed anymore. A little clunky, but it does work. I use this method myself to temporarily sync large video files to a mobile device with limited storage.