Syncthing system folders?


I’ve installed easily and successfully Syncthing on my desktop (my main computer) and a laptop I use when I go out, both runnig Debian Bullseye (Debian 11). I want to just need to sync it before going out and sync back when I go home. I could sync personal folders I need easily. However, there are 1 file 2 other folders I’d like to be able to sync and I don’t know how to do so (1 file and 1 folder belonging to root user and 1 folder to mysql user) :




Thank you for your help.

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Since they are owned by other users, you can’t properly sync them using your user account. If you created 2 other individual Syncthing instances, running under the ‘mysql’ and ‘root’ users, it might work. But the added complexity for separate processes and the requirement for individual network ports for each process makes this not advisable. And running an additional root process?? Good luck.

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