Syncthing stuck at syncing, but status says 100%

My laptop and file server both have Syncthing 0.10.6 installed currently. My laptop is Athena, and my file server is Pluto. On Pluto, the status for Athena is “Syncing (100%)” and is blue instead of green. On Athena, the status indicator for Pluto is green and says “Up to date (100%).” If the status indicator on Pluto is 100%, shouldn’t that also be green and marked Up to Date?

I do have other systems with 0.10.6, and all of them read as Up to Date.

Most likely one of the two machines will have something listed in the ‘Out of Sync Items’ column. I’ve seen that behavior before, but it’s been awhile so I don’t remember the circumstances.


Check the logs for errors or alternatively, refresh the page.

In my case, nothing says “out of sync” anywhere. I’ve refreshed the page, restarted syncthing and restarted the machines but it still won’t turn green. I tried to log, but I couldn’t find anything relevant there. :frowning:

This happened also to me. One node shows ‘syncing’ and is at 100%. However the directory is perfectly synced.

I have the same problem. In my Android Syncthing there is the picture folder stating 166/168 files. Which one is the folder on the Android? The logs are empty, btw. I would like to know which two files couldn’t been synced and why? The Windows folderinfo states that 168 files have been synced. Does that mean that the folder on the Android device is 2 files short? The android folder is set to “Folder Master”, so that the folder on the windows pc does all changes according to the android folder, whether I add or delete files. Settings are: Android 5.0.2 latest syncthing app 0.6.6 Windows 7 with latest syncthing 64bit 0.11.22

thx 4 f1. st.

Maybe the windows side has added two files (thumbnail caches or whatever). These won’t be synced to the android side, due to it being set as master.

You are right. Two thumbs.db files are in the folder. I just copied them from the wondows pc into the same folders on the android device. Now it shows “Up to date”. I don’t think the thumbs.db will do any harm on the android device. Thanks :smiley: Is there a way to ignore them? st.