Syncthing stuck at 98%

(Ian Eure) #1

I have several machines set up with Syncthing. On my laptop, it shows my VPS machine in a state of “Syncing (98%)”. I cannot figure out why this is the case.

  • I’m not using ignore patterns anywhere.
  • I have no exotic configuration, everything is the default.
  • The file and folder counts are identical on both machines for every folder shared between them.
  • All folders are “Up to Date” on both machines.
  • No folders are paused.
  • On the VPS machine, it shows my laptop as being up to date.
  • Both machines are running Debian Stretch with Syncthing v0.14.18-dfsg1.

How can I determine what’s causing this issue and correct it?

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

Cam you post screenshots from both sides?

(system) #3

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