Syncthing Starts on login won't shut off it just restarts

I can not seem to keep syncthing from starting up on login to the desktop, nor can I shutdown syncthing either. Once I do shut it down it simply reopens in the browser a couple seconds later. It is not listed anywhere in my startup items so there is no way to disable it from starting up at login and even if I could considering it doesn’t stay off when shutdown I’m not sure if it would help at this point.

Using Ubuntu 14.04 base with LXDE desktop 64bit OS.

Any help is appreciated. If I can’t figure it out I will have to stop offering syncthing by default in the LXLE distribution.

After further investigation it seems that syncthing.conf located int etc/xdg/upstart is continously starting up the syncthing daemon and respawning it a few seconds after shutdown. It is also unavailable to be managed through any autostart utility in the lxde desktop since it is not recognized given the upstart directory it’s located in.

This sounds like an upstart configuration thing?

Yea I deleted the upstart syncthing.conf file to remedy it, I also emailed the syncthing package maintainer for the ppa he runs and ask them not to include it anymore considering its not something that is either wanted by everyone nor can it be properly managed in all desktop environments without manual editing.