Syncthing Stalls and Becomes Unresponsive (Windows 10)

I have two devices (one device that sends files and the other only receives) with files barely reaching 20MB. The issue comes when trying to sync them, the receiving device stalls at 0% forever and when trying to close Syncthing on Windows, the cmd prompt just hangs and essentially becomes unresponsive and require a PC restart to get rid of the prompt.

I am on Windows 10 using Syncthing v1.13.1

@Slec, welcome to Syncthing!

How many files are you trying to sync? Please post system specs too (RAM, CPU, 64-bit?)

Is scanning already finished or still in progress during sync? Systems with low RAM available can crash if all happens at same time. Try to narrow down the file set and see if this works with a small number of files.

In the past Syncthing also has been a very good detector for hardware problems like bad RAM so you might want to check into that too.

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