Syncthing Scheduler

I’ve seen some older requests but haven’t been able to find anything recent. I’d really like to see a “scheduler” added to Syncthing if possible.

For my example I have 2 mirrored servers (13TB+) and I have them synced together. One is “Master” while the other is normal. The “Master” has a very busy network pipe during business hours but at night it’s idle. So I’d like Syncthing to pause during the day and at night go full throttle and then back to pause again at a certain time.

I run Syncthing as a container within Docker so I’m not comfortable with a cron and it’s not windows so scheduled task it out.

Any thoughts or plans to add this in the future?

Thanks in advance!

There are no plans to add this feature. There are plenty of scheuling tools out there and we have a reasonable API for you to use external scheduling tools.

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I’ve created a script to alter the rate limting settings on a schedule. That may help out a bit.