Syncthing & Saltstack

Hi, I am having currently working on a Saltstack SLS/Setup for Syncthing which will allow for

  • Easy deployments
  • Easy configuration of syncthing
  • Automatic addition of new syncthing nodes to a syncthing cluster
  • Automatic firewall configuration (at the moment, CSF supported)

It is still under heavy development. If anyone wants to test it out, the custom grain and SLS are available at

At the moment, SLS support is limited to only Ubuntu.

For those who don’t know what Saltstack is: ->

Happy Holidays!


After a week of work, the main features seem to be working. Now supporting

  • Automatic addition of syncthing nodes (All syncthing nodes added using this formula will be added to each other)
  • Adding syncthing nodes that are non-managed by saltstack
  • Basic folder management, you can now assign folders to nodes and they will automatically be added.

Still Undone:

  • Arch detection (x86/x64), I’m still a bit hesitant to implement this as I have not found a straightforward way to get the latest version downloaded. I still have to make it work with Saltstack’s hash verification or remove it entirely

  • Advanced folder configuration (ro, stversion, etc)

  • Firewall systems and IP binding is still a bit wonky. In the configuration im using, I configured it to bind to all ips

  • Advanced Node configuration (compression, static ip, speed limits)

Oh, and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

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