Syncthing restarts when adding sdcard folder for send-only sync with PC

Hi everybody! I have some really strange and weird problem: on my Huawei P Smart Z (with Android 10) when I add folder for send-only sync from sdcard, UI restarts and no folder added to list. I can see sdcard just fine, and when I navigate to DCIM (folder to sync) I can press “grand access to folder”, then warning appears: “Are you sure? blah-blah”. I press “Yes” - and bam! Syncthing restarts without that folder. And it manages to create .stfolder before crash! Weird…

Android 10 has individual folder permissions for apps (and for example opencamera uses that to write to sdcard), and if you look closely, in settings in opencamera you can see theese permissions. It looks like “external memory 2 objects”. But I can’t see anything in syncthing page. So syncthing restarts before it gets permission for the folder.

And by the way - I don’t need full read-write access to DCIM, only read. And dialogue with folder pick - it’s the same as when I was picking DCIM for read-write access.

I’m really frustrated. Maybe syncthing calls wrong dialogue (for read-write), gets unsupported answer from android and restarts? If so, how to enter path to folder manually? Or maybe it’s a some kind of bug in syncthing with Android 10? Or with Android 10 itself?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

P.S. I checked logs with fs enabled - nothing there, no “access denied”, nothing. So syncthing doesn’t even tries to do something with sdcard - it reboots before that. And as usual - everything is fine with internal memory, syncing and stuff. Of course, nobody even doubted that:)) I can add logs, but I don’t know, what to choose, if fs showed nothing.

Oh, managed to bypass folder pick dialogue! In web interface you can input path to folder manually, so I did it - and famous error (access denied, can’t create .stfolder) appears! “That’s a start” I thought, created this folder from PC using USB-cable - and now it’s working! Simple, but not so obvious solution. So it’s a folder-picker dialogue error, maybe related to Android 10. Or Huawei. Or I don’t know, stars?:slight_smile:

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