Syncthing randomly removes all permissions from root folders..

Hi, I’ve been a heavy and very happy user of syncthing for a while. Yesterday a bizarre behaviour started. At random intervals syncthing will remove all read,write and execute permissions from the root folder. I’ve continually reset permissions for the folders and it keeps ocurring. I’ve deleted the index and rescanned the collections but my problem is still occurring. This seems to occurr mainly on my odroid (ARMv7) board but will then get synced EVERYWHERE which is a massive pain.

No idea how to troubleshoot this, auto update is on so I’m considering downgrading a couple of versions and leaving it off? Anyone have any clues?

I suggest you drop down back to v0.10.14 or v0.10.15 and see if it continues happening.

Also, running with STTRACE=model syncthing may give a clue as to what’s going on.

For what it’s worth I’ve seen this myself - not in “reality” but in the integration tests, but haven’t been able to narrow down the circumstances under which it happens.

Thanks for your reply and work. Syncthings been beautiful so far for me, I have a ~800 file sync I could try strace on.I’m scared of what would happen with the other hundred gig shares.

Take care.

Actually, I think I found the root cause, so no need to run with magic parameters. Thanks!

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Noticed this stopped happening with .18. Lovely.