Syncthing permission issue

Hi all,

I am running Proxmox in my home lab.

Where I am running Debian xfce VM and I have installed Docker and portainer.

I am also running turnkey file server on which I have one network share.


I have mounted the my fileserver’s network share on my Debian distro


The problem that i am facing is on my syncthing. I have mount the sync volume to be on my network share

And when ever i try to map a folder it gives me the permission issue, appreciate if any body can help look into right direction.

The issue as the error suggests is permissions.

How ever the reason for the permissions being wrong is not really syncthing, but the collection of other things you are running syncthing on.

It could be your file server, it could be your docker container mount type or user which runs the container, etc.

Not sure we can help much here, as the issue is fundamentally not with syncthing.

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