Syncthing path error

Im getting this error when starting syncthing from a cron job or init.d script.

13:53:52: Stopping folder "test" - path does not exist, but has files in index

from another client that is connected to the server, it seems to sync for a bit, then just stop.


Well it seems it’s not finding the folder path… Exactly as it says in the error… Perhaps a failed mount, flaky NFS or permission issues not allowing to stat the directory?

Well that’s what I thought. But I can see the parth. And if I just kill the process and start it again it works fine. Its just it doesn’t work when set as a cron or init. Iv even put a 200 sec delay on the cron to alow for everything to mount and connect.

I think that the cron user might not have right permissions on that directory.

Or the delay isn’t enough, and whatever path that is is actually not available when syncthing starts from init/cron?