Syncthing Panic on RHEL 8.9 - Failure in Certificate Generation

Attempting to setup on RHEL 8.9 that has been hardened to NIST 800-53 standards. FAPolicyD has been disabled, along with SELinux though the issue still remains. Using the EPEL build from the Fedora project for 1.27.1. Not sure how to fix this error or if it’s something I can fix.

Here is the log file that is dropped for the panic: I tried to include the log portion but got denied due to new users only being allowed to have two links in a post.

You can just the first stacktrace in the panic.

Pastebin: - Locked Paste Password: 5qP4Em04aA

Also filed a bug report here: Panic on RHEL 8.9 - opensslcrypto: invalid code execution · Issue #9364 · syncthing/syncthing (

Follow up in the bug report.

In the end of this, use the binaries provided by syncthing in their github. Something seems to be wrong with the rpm provided by fedora epel.

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