Syncthing over Several Networks

Hello there,

I know this is a continuous issue on syncthing, but I was not able to find a solution on this myself so far. I want to sync over several networks using the internet. My current solution is to have a server (which I am running) which also has syncthing installed mirror all the documents.

Ideally I want this server to just establish a connection between clients, and not store the files additionally. How would I go about doing this?

I’m not computer illiterate, but have only limited knowledge on networking.

Thanks for any advice. val

P.S: I would be willing to adjust the docs if I find a suitable solution for this.

Run a relay:

Then change your config.xml on the clients to include <relayServer>relay://your-relay-IP:port</relayServer>.

Wow, thanks for the quick reply! I missed that part of the docs… and will have to wait until I have access to the important nodes in my cluster to update to version 0.12. I will post once I have set everything up.

Cheers val

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