syncthing or pulse: which one should I use?

I saw pulse source code, but the commits are quite not synchronized.

In the README of pulse,

It is an officially-sanctioned fork of Syncthing.

What does it mean exactly? Are syncthing and pulse becoming two seperate projects, or pulse is just not ready for daily use, but is the future of syncthing?

Development on syncthing proceeds as always. So far the only difference on the Pulse side of things seems to be that it’s slightly behind syncthing and rebranded.

That I don’t mind them doing it. Nothing more official than that. (:

Hmmm… Where can I find REASON to fork? The community are subject to frequent separation, sometimes it is not good, and only sprays forces…

Ubuntu 14.04 In the user directory is already there .config/pulse/* There are files of an audio subsystem.

Thus far, branding I think, but @aral will be the guy you want to talk to for that, and I guess for support issues specific to Pulse until they point somewhere else. (:

Pulse is basically dead, the software you should be using is Syncthing. :blush:

@dacha Reason to fork was they wanted to use Syncthing as a component of their P2P social media platform Heartbeat but they wanted some more flexibility with licensing, and since Syncthing transitioned to the GPL they decided to use the last revision that was MIT licensed.

It all seems a bit silly to me, after all @calmh and other ST devs looked poised to shift to the MPLv2 which would have solved these issues, but I guess they couldn’t wait.