syncthing one way sync - prevent file deletion by syncthing

I would want to use syncthing to upload foto from android to a computer. and to keep the photo secure in the computer

upload works but when i delete the picture from the android. it deletes also the picture in the computer.

How should i prevent syncthing to delete files ?

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I make a test with

versioning : at least the file is kept somwhere ignore delete

i am not sure what is the recommended way


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This is how I sync photos from android to laptop.

I have a folder on the laptop which basically duplicates the camera folder /storage/emulated/0/DCIM on my android phone. I organise the photos on my laptop into folders (normally based on events) and those subfolder get synced back to the phone. If I want to delete photos on the phone, that I want to keep, I just move them from the synced camera folder to another (not-synced) folder on my laptop. Photos are then still on the laptop, but on the phone they are gone.


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