SyncThing on ReadyNAS 6

I have successfully installed Synchthing on my ReadyNAS using the instructions located at and on my Macbook Pro.

I can successfully sync files between the 2 devices, my only issue is that the the files synched from my Macbook Pro to the ReadyNAS get their file ownership set to root:root which prevents the files from being accessed from the Readynas shares without resetting the permissions.

Is there a way to either

  1. Have the ownership of the synched files set to the parent folders ownership or
  2. To define the ownership that be on set all the synched files

Related question is whether there is a way to set the permissions as well for the owner and group.

Thanks so much!!! Congratulations on the great work from the team!!

Just tick the ignore permissions flag and it will respect the umask. There is no way to change who owns the files, if you run syncthing as root, files received will be owned as root.

Please do not run syncthing as root!!!

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