syncthing on Rasperry Pi - what inotify libraries are needed?

I have just installed syncthing v1.12.0 on a Raspberry Pi 2B (i.e. quite an old one), it’s working OK synchronising with a couple of xubuntu systems but it seems to be very slow transferring any changes from the Pi to the xubuntu systems.

I think that syncthing may not be using inotify on the Raspberry Pi, do I need to add some inotify libraries for this to work? Maybe it doesn’t work at all on 32-bit kernels?

In every other respect it’s working fine, thank you for such a useful tool. :slight_smile:

If the functionality is missing (though I think inotify in kernel is ancient) then there is an error about it displayed in the web UI/logged. Thus when watching for changes is enabled and there’s no error, the functionality is there and for all that Syncthing knows, it’s working. If that’s the case but changes are still not picked up, you can enabled fs,watchaggregator debug facilities to see if anything happens after you change something on disk.

OK, thanks, it’s late now, I’ll look into it further tomorrow.

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